Direct Education

Private Training Institution Consulting

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Direct Education is Regulatory Compliance Consulting & More

Private Training Institution Consulting Services.

Direct Education is your key to understanding the maze of regulations surrounding establishing a Private Training Institution (Career College or Language
School) in British Columbia.

We help every step of the way in establishing your school, building it from the bare walls out, completing the requirements to Register your school or seek
Designation and developing programs that can be approved by both governmental and industry regulators.

You can depend on our team of highly experienced Advisors to help you found and organize all aspects of your Private Training Institution, including management and regulatory compliance procedures, as well as human resources needs such as the hiring and retention of academic and administrative staff.

Private Training Institution Consulting, PTIB Curriculum Development, PTIB Program Registration, PTIB Designation.

Our Education Consultants give you the support you need to build a professionally run and regulator-approved school. We have the experience and the
knowledge to get you and your school to where you want to be, offering registered and approved programs and graduating satisfied students.
Direct Education can help you every step of the way while staying within the regulatory and compliance framework for Private Training Institutions in
British Columbia, Canada.

Find your way quickly and efficiently through the forest and out the other side with Direct Education, your guiding hand for building your future in the field

of private education in British Columbia, Canada.