At Direct Education, our goal is to guide you successfully through the requirements and regulations around starting your own Private Training Institution (Career College or Language School) whether you wish to seek Designation for your school or only Registration. We also take you through the process of designing programs and curriculum material that
meet the requirements of all regulatory bodies, government and otherwise.

We help you assemble professional career and language programs that can be approved by all relevant ministries and industry regulators, whether they are in the areas of trades, health or human services.

Please look at a few of our Private Training Institutions Consultation Services below, and Contact Us with any inquiries.

What is Private Training Institutions Designation?

A Designated school is more closely regulated school that must abide by more requirements than a school that is only Registered. However, a school that has achieved Designation is in the most trusted school category, showing that it is well established and dependable.

A Designated school may also apply for BC EQA (British Columbia Education Quality Assurance) approval, which is the second mark of dependability recognized both in Canada and around the world and, once approved by BC EQA, a school may apply to IRC Canada to accept overseas students on study permits.

Before you even start running your programs, Direct Education can help you seek PTIB Registration for your school or get your school on the track for Designation. Once your school is Designated, we can assist you with the process of approval by British Columbia Education Quality Assurance (BC EQA) and with your application for a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number from IRC Canada.

Whatever your needs in the areas of understanding the regulations governing Private Training Institutions or the requirements for programs, school management or school-related human resources, Direct Education has a specialist to help you.

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